Monday, December 5, 2011

Anono-Momma - Mrs. Do-It-All

Years ago when my kids wear younger I was so busy trying to 'do-it-all'.  I was really busy doing Fly Lady, and trying my hardest to organize, declutter and 'Finally Loving Yourself'.  I was also trying to get my five year old to be a bit more self reliant. AKA. not having mom do everything for her.

I was busily getting the house in shape before we left my part time job in the afternoon. I had the machines humming, was swifting away at the dust on the shelves when I told her to go ahead and change out of her play clothes into nicer clothing to go to Mommy's work.  (She had been playing outside all morning and she had more than a bit of dirt on her current outfit.

I then got distracted decluttering a drawer and didn't realize what time it was....

Tick Tock
Tick Tock

Next thing I knew, I looked up at the clock and we were due to be at my work in 30 minutes and it is a 40 minute drive with traffic!

'Quick!', I yelled.
'Get in the car, we are LATE!!!'.

My five year old scurried to the car as I swiped up my 3 year old from her nap and quickly buckled them into their seats and off we went on the highway to my work.  As I am driving I realize that they had dirt smudges all over them from playing outside, so I quickly grab the wet-wipes from the front glove compartment and cleverly told them we were having a contest to see, 'who can show me the dirtiest wet wipe'.

I thought to myself I am so smart!

They quickly got wiping and had the shiniest faces, arms, hands, legs and feet!

I am in fact Mrs. Do-it-all!

I was excited to see that the traffic was light and we would make it on time.

YES!  That's right... I have it all under control.

Get to my work, unload the kiddos, check them into the on-sight daycare and stroll off to work, in full knowledge that I have done everything I need to do.

When I get done with my job, just a few short hours later, I go to check the kiddos out of the daycare and I am met by the daycare director.  She tells me that she needs to talk to me about a delicate subject.

We go off to the side so that the other parents could check their children out.  And then she says, 'Can you please make sure to put underwear on your daughter before she comes to daycare.  We had a very unfortunate incident where the children were play fighting and your daughters dress flipped up and she was wearing nothing underneath'.


I apologized profusely and assured her that normally she DOES wear underwear but that she had gotten herself dressed and must have forgotten.

It was at that point that I made a mental 'Note to self'.
Always check your children before leaving the house, for simple things like...

1. Cleanliness
2. Shoes

-Mrs. Do-it-all
(Either Pester or Scrappy.... we will leave you to wonder).
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