This is me, Momma Scrappy. It is hard for me to define myself, because I have only had 18 years OF myself...The other 15 have been as a Mom and a wife. Mister Scrappy and I were High School sweethearts in the true sense of the words.. We actually dated for 3 years before we were married and we recently celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary.

Before getting married and becoming a Mommy, my big plan was to become an Interior Designer. Instead I find myself wiping bottoms and designing my own home, and I wouldn't have in any other way.

So defining myself through my is who I am. Beiber Scrap-Happy has taught me how to plan and map a day to it's fullest. Her attention to detail has taught me how important attention to detail is. Therefore mapping out my days in literally 15 min. increments to make the most of all time...(little things you need to do to function with the shear amount of children)...

Scooter Scrappy has taught me how to put others before myself. He always shows genuine care and concern for family or a friend in need. He is always somebody's "first friend in a new town" or somebody that someone greatly misses when he is not around.

Super Scrappy has taught me something that having a few kids made me forget. How to fight. How to fight for what is right, what is important...and most importantly, she was the first of my "sick kiddos" so she taught me how to be your child's ONLY true advocate. Because of her, we up and moved to an entirely different state. She taught me you can endure anything...and when there is seemingly nobody around and nothing is familiar...God is always there.

Scrappy Doo taught me about blessings. He is an amazing blessing...the fact that he is even here is a blessing from God. He is always happy no matter what, in all situations and challenges me that my problems are not as big as I may think in the grand scheme of LIFE...

Screacher Scrappy taught me about miracles...she was born at 32 weeks gestation at just over 3 lbs. She should not have survived..because of this, she also taught me grace. His grace is sufficient.

I have been blessed with an amazing husband and 5 equally amazing children.

I too am an amateur photographer, I love to write and I love to read.

And bring it on Jesus Freaks! Because I am one of the biggest....God has given me so much to be thankful for....just ask me about Screacher's story....and if that doesn't do it for you, I don't know what will.

And just for the record....having 5 kids has taught me PATIENCE, ENDURANCE, TOLERANCE, and that not all poopy diapers look the same....

What we LOVE to Gab about!

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