I am a Momma to 5 amazing children. I am a wife to an amazing man.  I am a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, an aunty, a friend.  I live life to the fullest, and love with all my heart.  I would literally do ANYTHING for my children and would move heaven and earth if it meant a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

I am a JESUS freak!  And if you know me that wasn't always the case.  We had to move to Hawaii and experience God's mighty power to finally believe with all our heart mind and soul.  If you want to know the story, just ask me about the lanelines!

Funny enough, I am shy, but I am also outgoing.  I am super private about myself in person, but if I like you I will spill my whole life story! Weird huh?

I also love to be in charge and am a go getter.  I am such a hard worker and I can't stand slackers, so that can be tough for anyone around me that is in a slacker sort of mood. I do not feel sorry for myself or our family, it is one of my biggest pet peeve.  No woah is me, so please don't woah is yourself around me, because I think that is such a silly waste of energy and time.

I have such HUGE compassion for suffering though, REAL suffering, for the sick and the dyeing and the family and friends that watch the suffering. I am especially saddened by the suffering of children.  And have spent countless nights up crying and praying for different children in need of prayer.

I am an amateur photographer. I am a graphic design artist. I am a swim coach.

I am not a housekeeper, (I suck at it in fact)!  ;-)

Our Family
We have 4 girls and a baby boy! That's me Momma Pester, my husband Mister Pester, and our gaggle of kiddos... 
Mega Pester, Miss Sassofrass Pester, Queen O'Pester, Pint O'Pester and sweet Bubba Pester..

What we LOVE to Gab about!

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