Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just a tiny glimpse into my random thoughts.

Just wanted to spread some love and happiness your way!

Nothing makes me smile more than a hand written note... 
(well there is an exception I guess, I hate when you get the notes addressed Dear Mrs. so and so, your child has been having gas issues in class, can you make sure they eat less beans at dinner. Signed desperate for fresh air).

No really it's not what it looks like!  
(My kids say that all the time, especially when playing with toilet paper. Did she say playing with toilet paper? um yeah that is exactly what I think as I pick up mounds of it on the floor, oh and my favorite is when a whole roll is IN the toilet).

Bubba the Giraffe is saying 'Huh?'
(No not at the paper toilet antics.  This often happens when watching me 'attempt' Yoga).

It really perplexes me why he would look at me this way....

Because I think I look like this, below....

Rockin the Momma body after babies doing yoga of course!
(Okay, I lie... I know I don't look like this, I only dream of it).

I really look like this...
(minus the hairy legs... oh heck, who am I kidding, yes, with the hairy legs).

Did you know it looks fabulous on resumes when you put that you stayed home to take care of the children after giving birth.  Stay at home mom is a REAL career booster.
(in case you were wondering that is pronounced Sar-Ca-Sim).

-Sister Pester
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