Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog-Fest-A-Pa-Looza The Progressive Parent

We are always combing the web looking for new and exciting 'things' to not only spice up our lives but yours as well.  We love to blog and we love reading blogs. You can get amazing ideas that you might never have thought of from blogs, some of them written by regular people just like you and me/us.

How about a blog about giving birth and progressive parenting?  This blog might just be up your ally.  Check it out and let Julie know we sent you.  :-)

The Progressive Parent
Written by Julie 
Santa Rosa, Ca, United States
I am a mother, first and foremost. I sing, hug trees, have living room dance parties and have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I root for the underdog. I care about what is healthy. I write. I do the latter most, usually in pertinence to the former.

We just love our friend Julie who might just be in labor at this very moment with bambino number 4.  She has just started out this new blog and we already love reading her thoughts...

"Well... where IS the beginning? For me, both the blog and the parenting start with giving birth; something I am set to do any day, hour, even minute from now. (And if it's not TMI right off the bat, I'm 40 weeks as of today, I've been 4cm dilated for a week and 3 since two weeks before!) Now, I'm no rookie at this- some may even call me a pro, being that this will be my fourth natural delivery. (I hope.) But each pregnancy & delivery, like each child, is different. Three births does not a master make- I know enough to know I won't know a thing until the labor and birthing begin! So what does birthing mean? The dictionary defines birth as "the process of bearing or bringing forth offspring; any coming into existence; to bear. (which, incidentally, means "hold up under") In my experience, parenting has given me ALL kinds of situations to "hold up under", all of which I want to try and touch on with an open mind here, pregnancy being the literal first. I walk around with my hands "holding up under" my belly all the time these days!"
-Pester and Scrappy
My Online Best Friend

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