Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anono-Momma.... Mrs. Right

Women are ALWAYS right. Period.

This post is anono-momma worthy because women are ALWAYS right.

There is not ever a time we are wrong.


(Except this one time.)

That is why this is anono-momma worthy. Nobody will ever know it was me who was wrong...and it wasn't such a big deal, until THIS happened.

You know the new show "Extreme Couponing"? Well, I was doing all that coupon stuff. Not quite like those ladies, no mass stock piles or anything, but we had a lot of items that were stock piled. In the pantry of course.

I was all excited when I came home from the grocery store with my new nearly-free finds that I had worked so hard to clip the coupons and do my research for. I opened the pantry and it was FULL. Shoot. With kids underfoot, I was in a hurry. It was one of those we all went to the grocery store hungry kind of days.

Everyone is asking for something different, and I can't find anything.So of course, I have to pull everything out and re-arrange. Now I am trying to make lunch because of course everyone is whining, tired and hungry. When out of the corner of my eye I see my husband re-arranging my just finished beautiful pantry.

Dude, off-limits! "What are you doing? Get OUT of my pantry!" He is now moving my Jet-Puffed marshmallow fluff to a lower shelf. I put it high...out of the way. Where I wanted it. I don't use it ALL the time, hence...up high...and again, I repeat...where I wanted it.

He proceeds to tell me it is glass and to put it high is "stupid" The jars are glass and could fall on one of the kids and hurt them. "Glass!?" I ask him? "Are you kidding?!" "Do you feel how light they are? They clearly are plastic." Seriously, men sometimes.

But wait...there's more, he ACTUALLY has the nerve to continue to argue with me and try to prove some lame point that is is glass. Which is NOT.

Now, this has become a heated situation. Did I mention the kids are all still in the kitchen, clamoring waiting for their food?

"I am not arguing about this anymore, they are plastic and put them back where I put them and get OUT of MY pantry NOW!" were my last words. Dear hubby leaves them were HE put them (not what I told him to do) and closes the pantry door saying they are glass and they will stay where he put them.


This means war. Did he really just say that to me?

I go to the pantry, grab the marshmallow fluff and say " How about I PROVE to you it is plastic?" Because I am ever so clever and whitty. I chuck it across the room so it will hit the tile floor and of course bounce right off.

Only it doesn't.


Why do you think?

Because is glass.

I have never seen my kids scatter so fast...they seriously thought Mom just lost it. And I think I kinda did...Hubby looks at me...and I can't quite read his face.

Did I mention that the fluff just shattered...but stuck to the fluff? It looked like a mini atomic fluff-bomb.

I am not sure where to go from here...I start hubby is afraid that I really just lost my marbles...he begins laughing too, only nervously, like in a "what is she going to do next kind of way"

I slowly walk over to the scene and begin pulling fluff and glass off the tile and say, "Well, that settles it, I think it is thin plastic"...

Now, I don't buy fluff quite so much because when the kids see it, they recall it as the day "Mom went a little crazy" Nice...

-Mrs. Right

(actually Mrs. Always Right to you....LOL)

Is there a time you thought you were right, and you weren't? We would love to hear! Please comment below :)


  1. I like this story.It rings a bell. I'm 39 and I thought I was ALWAYS right. But then, I met Mr.Right. And then I lost my title...

  2. Ha ha ha! Apparently "this" Mom has a Mr. Right of her own! LOL


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