Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Zoo

Well, I have an announcement to make.

Since I know you all are waiting with baited breathe....

Here it is....

Are you ready??

I am pregnant..with #6!!!

Ha ha ha...fooled you didn't I? Well, you could believe it, after all after the first 5, you just wait for an announcement like that...anyways, for reals peeps...here it is. We have two kittens. (I know, kind of a let down of an announcement after the lead in) BUT...let me explain.

I used to be one of those super, ultra-mega animal lovers. You know the kind that wants to open an animal rescue of their own? Yep...that is me. Or I should say WAS me.

First I had Scrap-Happy. She is a total cat lover. And she has always been one of those people that cats love too...she was always coming home with them. (I used to not mind)

Then we had Scooter...not too into animals, but enjoyed dogs...so we got one, then two, then three.

Then we had Super. She loves bunnies. So now we have got to get us some of those...one...two...three.

So, three kids, three dogs, five cats, three bunnies...Oh yeah...and a lizard.


Then we moved to the desert. Being from, well, not the desert, we didn't understand the implications of the desert. Animals = coyote food. Sad, yes. But without all the sordid details, we started dwindling in numbers in the cat and bunny population. So we learned, and kept them in the house.

Over time, I began realizing the realities of so many animals and kids INSIDE one house. And that was not pretty. But, being the animal lover I was, we dealt with it......

With this particular statement made by me in mind.

"We will NEVER get any more animals..."

Now, here we are with two more kids. We are now down to one cat and still the lizard...the thing has the life-span of biblical days or something. My kids have been begging for a kitten (knowing we will NEVER have another dog) They think they can break me in with another kitten. I on the other hand, enjoy having one animal who pretty much hides all day long.

And then this weekend happened.

The kids took a walk...and came home from their
walk with TWO kittens.


"Where in the world did those come from??"

This was the picture of Scrap-Happy and Super that I walked into....

Well, shoot, how do you say no to that? They found them in the canyon...coyote bait. Must redeem myself. We can't have that now can we? So...here we are with two more kittens.

New count for Scrappy Household is....

5 kids
3 cats
1 lizard
1 Mister
1 Crazy Momma...

Have I mentioned my Dad lives with us too???

1 Scrappy Pappy...LOL

Hopefully the count is complete.

-Sister Scrappy

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