Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am a "Noticer of Things"

My Grandma is the original Martha Stewart. Sadly since we have moved away, I only get to see her about two times a year. She is always doing projects and every time I visit, it is a game to see if I notice a new couch, lamp or table. Because, I notice things.

My Mom...well she does not notice things. She is going to get mad at me for this post, but, it is funny. One year, while sitting around my Grandma's new dining Grandma asks my Mom..."Notice anything different?" Of course, she looks around...and she does not. The thing about this new table is, my Grandma has had the SAME dining table since my Mom and Aunt were little kids...should she notice? Well, you know, personally...I think so...LOL. But my Mom is NOT a noticer of things...

I always tease her about which, she teases me for my bad grammar. ( A noticer of not appropriate grammar use) But it sounds cute and funny, so I coined it. My Mom is not a noticer of things...I, indeed a noticer of things.

So, to add to my little neuroses I like things "just so". Seems appropriate for a noticer of things. Mister likes to UN-MAKE my "just so" things just to get my goat...and he gets me every time. With my recent decorating for the holidays Mister has had a lot of fun seeing if I will notice that certain things are not the way I put them...Here are some examples...

You see...these "special" trees were chewed up by a dog long ago. I have not used them in my Christmas village for years, so I threw them away...Mister, who does not approve of me throwing virtually anything away...took them out of the trash...and
magically they re-appeared in my hutch...with all my "specials"...Ummm yeah.

I guess Screacher's toy duck needed to be with his bird friends...on my mantle.....

And this elf needed a nap from all her skating?

This one was the best....The parents are looking at thier child making snow angels waiting for the adult-human sized racoon to I suppose eat him??? Welcome to my world.....

-Sister Scrappy
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  1. I loved this post! My children have always made little changes around the house, waiting to see if I would spot I can tell them I am NOT neurotic...merely a "Noticer of Things" ; )

  2. My kids have taken to this habit also...I think just to torture is hard work being a "noticer of things"...


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