Friday, November 4, 2011

Who am I fooling?

I try so hard all the time.

I try to be happy... and to spread happiness, (that is the entire purpose of this blog).

But the plain ugly, cold hard facts are, that when I am miserable people want to hear all about it.

When I am happy, they turn away... not caring to hear a peep.


It is true!

I formally blogged about a certain condition that one of my daughters have.   I had fabulous support from my friends and family, they were all faithful readers and had a great following from the general population of interneties that I have never met. Interestingly, I got the most views on my blog when she was in the hospital, when I spoke about how awful she felt, when I talked about her procedures, when I put up pictures of her in moments of distress.

Now you may be thinking why would any mother do these things?
Because I am a blogger, and I am a spreader of awareness.
She lives it.
She wanted her story told.
No pulling the curtains and hiding the ugliness.
But when I boasted about her improved health or fabulous things that were going on... my blog had the sound of crickets visiting it, not bings of new blog readers.

Weird huh?

Then I stopped blogging about my daughter and her condition.  

Then I started blogging with my bestie. Together we are blogging about life, being mom's, sharing recipes, spreading laughter, encouraging positiveness through support of just being 'human'. 

We have fabulous support from the general population of interneties that we have never met... but interestingly, we don't have a huge following from our friends and family.  Now that is not to say that our friends and family aren't following us and reading, because some are. It is just interesting to see who is supporting a new adventure of both of us trying our hardest to be happy...and who is not.

Is this directed at them?
No worries...
they don't follow us... bawhahahaha so they will not read it!  
Just a general observation.

My new goal in life is to be happy as much as possible. I choose happiness. Does this mean everything is perfect? NOPE. In fact, my life is very complicated, very UNPERFECT, it is beyond flawed.

I work hard at being happy every single day.

Today for instance... I was working on a Happiness quote to put up on our facebook page.  I wanted to be cleaver and write it out on a piece of paper and have Pint O'Pester hold it up.  If you know Miss Pinty... that  was asking for t.r.o.u.b.l.e

I wrote out several versions until I got it just right and then asked her to come outside so I could take it. Nope, that was a no go, she refused to put her shoes on and didn't want to go out in the cold. 

So I compromised and said, "okay, why don't you sit on the top of the couch and I will take it by the window".  She LOVED that idea, because it is a no-no to sit on top of the couch.  She promptly climbed right up and with her wild unbrushed hair gave me some crazy smiles.  Trying to coax her into a good pose and to show off her unbrideled 'happiness' I instructed her to tilt her head and to smile a bit bigger.

I went too far...
She was now ticked off.
She threw the paper at me and told me to hold the paper and take a picture of myself.... then she stuck her tongue at me and blew raspberries... then I started to laugh because of the absurdness of it all.

Her holding the paper talking about 'happiness' only she wasn't happy at all, she was ticked off like an angry cat stuffed in a pillowcase.

Off she scampered back to the couch to sit amongst the laundry piles and to play on her sisters lap top.

Then I had a brilliant idea.
Hey why don't I just lay it beside her and take it with her mad... and call it irony!  
Which in turn made me laugh even harder...
Which made her shout, "I hate you!"...

That is a no-no in our house.
But dangit I was messin with her so whats a momma to do?

After we talk about how that wasn't nice, on both of our sides, she agreed to take the picture again...

This time with a nice little smile on her face.

Today I choose to do this because yesterday...
drove big kids to school, 
drove another kid to preschool, 
fielded a few work calls and emails, 
spoke to doctor's offices about appts, 
put baby down for a nap several times, 

I cleaned baby poop out of the tub, 
spaghetti out of a babies hair, 
cleaned a kitchen that was a disaster, 
picked up preschooler from school

dealt with a grumpy preschooler, 
dealt out snacks,
picked up big kids from school,
directed afterschool madness in our house,
went to work... fell in the pool at work, 
drove back home soaking wet, 
changed and then drove back to work, 
troubleshooted with several of my clients various issues at the pool
and coached in the very cold weather for several hours.
got home and ate (in bed),
did homework with big kids until very late,
finally got everyone to bed at some really awful hour.
and drifted off into a very fitful sleep for the few remaining hours until baby woke up in the middle of the night, put him back to sleep, repeat, repeat, repeat... wait its today already....

So there you go, my unperfect world.
My attempt at being happy and sharing happiness.

~Sister Pester and Miss Pint O'Pester
Now SMILE, cause you know she is so stinkin cute even when she is an awful stinker!

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