Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Candy Please?

Here is what Halloween means to Moms.

For your little darlings' first Halloween, parents usually stay home, merrily handing out candy and showing off their proud little bundle dressed adorably. (If it is their first) Otherwise, you must brave the elements for the sake of the rest of your children. For example, here is Screacher last year, dressed as a lamb, of course in her carseat, she is after all, #5.

Then, once they are old enough to walk and trick or treat themselves, you still get to pick out their outfit, because they really don't understand, and now parade them from door to door...in their adorable new outfits, while they get candy YOU get to steal! Doesn't that sound fabulous? Here is Screacher and Scrappy-Doo in their adorable costumes this year.

And off we go...looks soooo exciting doesn't it? Free candy, cute kids...What could be better than this???

Well...how about this???

This is Screacher wondering..."What is that creepy thing in the corner and why is this lady I don't know talking to me?" The buzzer is going off in her head..shouting "Danger! Danger!" Must hold onto Daddy and scream (well, her name is Screacher after all...)

And here she is, still staring at the House of Horrors wondering "Why are we doing this again?" Then there is Scrappy-Doo..who is happily scampering from house to house because he has now realized, all these kind strangers want to give me candy! Yay! (This is a great lesson is stranger danger isn't it folks?) Ahhh....the irony of it all...

Then, you get home...and they realize they just got tons of candy..."Yay! We never get candy...must eat it all NOW!"

Then, off to bed, with a bunch of tired sugared-up kids.

Starting to get it?

Then, the next morning they wake up from their "sugar-coma" and remember, "I have CANDY!!! Lots of it!"

Then, you get to say "No" First thing in the morning to a tired, cranky child...and here is the aftermath of that lovely "No" than just came from your lips.

Then, you feel terrible....well, don't you???

Just LOOK at that face!!!

So, you give in...just one...

Halloween really is somebody's twisted version of a way to torture us Mom's. There, I said it. You know you wanted to...

-Sister Scrappy

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