Thursday, November 10, 2011

Toddler Rules

Toddlers are a funny breed. They have their own language, and they totally understand each others language. They follow their own rules...they do whatever they want, whenever they want. And what do we do??? Well...we let them because we are their minions.

For example, here is Scrappy-Doo and Screacher deep in the throws of a conversation. What are they saying? Shoot, I don't know. It sounds like this..."Babeeemoomaaa" But judging by the looks on their faces, they get it, right?

AND clearly whatever was said, was absolutely hilarious!

The other thing that seems to be understood between Scrappy and Screacher is this...these are Scrappy's laws...and Screacher follows them. Well for the most part.

These are the property laws of a toddler...I came across them a couple of weeks ago, and feel maybe they should be posted somewhere in my house...just so everyone is fully informed. After all...awareness is key, right?

There are times Screacher does not follow the rules. In that case, what she does is grabs the aforementioned object of affection and bolts. And man, can that girl run!

The other rule, I feel I must add is if a room looks like this...they must do something about that.

You see, every evening, we clean the living room...put their toys in the proper bins...yes, I am a little O.C.D. Because being that Scrappy and Screacher are numbers 4 and 5, you would think I grasp the toddler rules. And while I do, I still must try and rebel and hope for the best....BUT within 20 minutes and a few sips of my beloved morning coffee...the little tornadoes have been hard at work at "their rules". Which are as follows...must make room look like this....

And for some reason I have yet to figure out...ALL toys belong in the sink...must be another rule I don't understand...

But being that we are on numbers 4 and 5...and there will be no 6 and 7...I do delight in these rules...I find them very amusing...because ultimately in my head..this is what my little Screacher and Scrappy always look like.

-Sister Scrappy

What are some rules your toddlers have? Post a comment below :)

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