Sunday, October 16, 2011

Anono-Momma...What kind of children's books do you keep in your house?

My little darling, (let's call her Rascal for all intensive purposes), was in kindergarten. She was always getting into things; particularly things she knew she wasn't supposed to get into. One of the biggest "off-limit" items was our one-car detached garage.

At some point, Rascal found her way into our "off limits" garage and happened upon a stack of VERY old Playboy magazine's from the 60's my Dad had collected. I somehow had became the owner of them several years before. Rascal of course was fascinated by them, so she grabs one and scampered off, hiding it in her room. Unbeknownst to me of course.

Well, along comes share day, (you see where this is going, don't you)? I usually screen what they are sharing. However,  on this particular day Rascal's big sister was having a melt-down over the clothes she was wearing and my pre-schooler was begging for her favorite breakfast (pancakes). I asked Rascal what she was bringing for share day and she told me her favorite doll. worries, right? WRONG.

Towards the end of the day I get a call from the principle asking me to come down to the school for "A Meeting."

 ( I swear this is like something out of the show "The Middle"

I ask if everything is okay? He assures me no one is hurt and everything is okay, however, he just needs to discuss a "delicate situation" with me. Thinking the worst, that maybe Rascal had peed her pants or something.  I hurry down to the school ready to hug my little darling, and tell her this happens to everyone...etc. etc...Only to walk into the office and be confronted with the principle whipping out a Playboy Magazine MY daughter brought to school for show-and-tell.

I was speechless!

I got a bit of a lecture about inappropriate reading content in the home. I tried to explain they came from my "off limits" garage...
Not IN the house, blah, blah, blah, but he really didn't seem to care.

THEN, here comes the best if trying to call my bluff...
He asks, "Do you want it back??"

"No! Are you kidding? Trash it!" Red-faced and chastened, I left the principal's office and proceeded to ask Rascal about it when she came home from school.

"Mommy, there are pretty ladies in it", Rascal tells me.
......Ummmm, okay.
Again, left speechless.

Luckily, as far as Playboy goes, at least it was from the 60's.
...just topless woman...but STILL!
For sharing?
In a kindergarten class?

-Momma to Rascal
(Reader Submitted)

*Just a random thought... I wonder if the Principal actually did throw away that collectors Playboy Magazine?  Makes you go hmmmmm. 

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