Wednesday, October 26, 2011


There is a funny, fuzzy line between asking for help, and offering up help.

I wonder sometimes, what this is about us? Do we really think we are 'Super Mom' and can do it all? I am quite sure that I am by far, NOT super mom. I just feel weak or feel like I am a burden to others if I ask for help or if I accept other's offers of help.

This is what is always going through the back of my mind...Heck, I made these f.i.v.e. kids, and I knew darn well what I was getting into with it, so I might as well wallow in it right?

My bed = I should lay in it? Right?

Don't I know how babies are made anyways? Geez... you'd think I would know when to stop already.

Here is the typical attitude I have run into in regards to our bountiful family...
When I had....
1 = Ahhh so great, when are you having another?
2 = Perfect! Now you have two, you should stop.
3 = You really have your hands full, are you done?
4 = Wow, do you know how babies are made? You really cannot handle anymore! You are done, right?
5 = Glad it's you and not me. I cannot even imagine that many. How do you do it all? NOW are you done? You aren't having anymore ARE you?

So you can see why it is a very difficult thing for me to not pretend sometimes that I am SuperMom. And why other times people might perceive me as being SuperMom. But really, most of the times, I just laugh and cry my way through this life with five kiddos.

Did I mention that they are funny?
A gift from god?
My heart?
That I am a better person because of them?
That I cannot imagine life without them and would not change this journey, not one tiny part of it?

Having said that; is a Mom with 1 kid any less blessed then me? NOPE!
How about a Mom with oh...let's say 15 kids? Should she be scorned and not offered help or love? NOPE! How about a woman who is NOT a mom (either by choice or circumstance), is she not worthy of our friendship, time, energy, help? Of course she is!

We as women need to stand up and stop judging our sisters of their choices or circumstances and love one another. Lift one another up and empower one another to be a gift to those around us.

Now my friends...Here is where you fit in, please take just 2 minutes and comment on this blog post. Let us know how YOU help your sisters around you?!

Meals to those who are sick?
Help run an errand?
Drop off and pick up from school?

Any small or large gesture you do for those around you, we want to hear about it. By posting these concepts you may spark the desire in others to go ahead and pay it forward, and help someone.

Be a gift today...our tomorrows are not promised.

With love... Pester


  1. One thing I try to do is always lend a listening ear, I may not have the time to stop and send a thankyou card, or make another meal, but I always try to listen and call people. -Sister Scrappy

  2. I have just started to bring meals to my friends that are in need after a hospital stay or sickness. It makes me feel so good and is really an easy thing to do. I just make a double batch of the dinner I am already making for the night. Win = Win.


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