Friday, October 7, 2011

Famous Kid Quotes

As a Momma of five, yes F.I.V.E. kiddos, I have been around the block a few times on the parenting cruise of life.  Just when you think you have heard it all, you realize that you haven't and you make another mental note of some amazing kid quote.  I have always thought about writing a book on what my kids say. Yeah, I should get on that.  

In my free time.

How about I just share with you some goodies....

Upon scheming and dreaming up this blog, we felt strongly that although we are not hiding our names, we did not want to put them out there constantly.

So what to do? Pen names of course. After all there are some FABULOUS blogs out there with names changed for privacy.  So Sister Scrappy and I went back and forth on our names and the kiddos names all weekend when it finally came to us.... Our family names would be a take off on our husbands jobs!!! (I will let your imagination go wild on this one).

Then it came to the kiddos names, some were hard, and some were just so simply easy you cannot even begin to imagine...When we proudly told the kiddos their names, they responded in different ways.
But THE best reaction....

"Momma, what is my name?", asked Queen O'Pester
"Sweetie you ARE the Queen O'Pester!", I said with a giggle in my voice.
Upon hearing this her older sisters snickered....
I gave them the look, and they quickly covered their mouths so they wouldn't make her mad. However, Miss Queenie had a different reaction...
She grinned a HUGE grin and said with her arms stretched up high, as if she was victorious, "I'm the QUEEN!!!"
Which then made her older sisters roll with laughter.

Recently, as I laid in bed still recovering from surgery just one week prior, I woke up to this gem of a conversation....

Queen O'Pester, "Aren't you going to wash your hands?"
Pint O'Pester, in the most annoyed voice possible, "NO... I NEVER wash my hands!"
(Go ahead and say, oh she must be referring to before dinner... right)

Of course I will never forget the other night when THE pester (aka Miss Sassofrass' doggie) was barking MADLY, standing on his hind legs scratching on the sliding glass door...
I yelled, (ahem asked politely), "get that DOG to stop"!
Miss Sassofrass ran to the door as she gleefully proclaimed, "blanket of SHAME", and then whipped the curtains shut so the peeper could not view his humans anymore.

Mega Pester when she was little made up the word, Neither- meaning underneath. She used it so frequently and we loved it so much that she got her whole preschool class subbing it for the real word. Which in turn made her preschool teacher loathe her parents. :-)

Miss Sassofrass Pester upon seeing her baby sister Queenie for the first time in the hospital proudly proclaimed, "I think I'll call her Elephantee'....".

Queen O'Pester loves to snuggle and says that she wants to 'Guggle". Yup not correcting her on that one either.

Pint O'Pester was/is such a stinker. MIND of her OWN. When she was 2ish almost 3, we were trying to get her to say her name. She has a difficult name to pronounce for a little one and she was speech delayed so we cut her some slack.  The conversation went something like this...

"Pint O'Pester (of course we used real names), lets practice saying your name", I said.
"Okay", she says with lots of enthusiasm.
"Can you say Pi Pi Pi Pi Pint O'Pester", I coached.
Pint O'Pester excitedly says,"Suuuuuure, Pi Pi Pi Pi (and then with a little glint in her eyes she says Miss Sassofrass".
Her sisters and I giggle and I say, "No not Miss Sassofrass, we want you to say Pint O'Pester, lets try it again, Pi Pi Pi Pi Pint O'Pester".
"Pi Pi Pi Pi Miss Sassofrass", again with a glint and a big ol' fat grin on her face.
Did I mention that she is a stinker?
Mind of her own?
How about stubborn?
We repeated this same scenario over and over until the 2 year old claimed her victory for the day and Momma waved her white flag of defeat...

Bubba Pester, hasn't really chosen to speak yet. I will cut him slack as he is only 15 months at the present time. However, the other day he melted both Miss Sassofrass' heart and mine. When she went upstairs to go to sleep for the night.
Just as she was going she gave Bubba a big ol' kissy and said "night night Bubbaroonsky", (by the way we really do call him Bubba and any derivative there-of), and then she ran up the stairs.
Bubba looked up after her, reached his sweet pudgy hand up and said, Miss Sasso (because he didn't use her full name), come back".
Miss Sassofrassa and I both heard him and GASPED.
She came bolting right back down the stairs and scooped him up and covered his face with Sasso kisses.

Five kids? Yup!
I am blessed beyond words.
And one day they will make me rich when I embarrass them with my book....

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