Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tongue Exercises

Let's rewind the clock...about 8ish or so years. Would you believe Pester and I actually lived in the same town?! I know, crazy, right? Who actually lives in the same town as their best friend anymore? That is so yesterday...LOL.

Anyways, when we got together it was an instant party. Our kids loved each other, we could totally hang out and let the kids run amuck together. This particular summer afternoon was no different than any other.

We were in my backyard, eating chips, drinking pepsi...
(you will, I am sure learn this is a constant theme )
..... the kids were in and out of the kiddie pool and on the swingset.

Everyone is having a ball.

In order for you to understand this story, you have to understand that we all have our quirks, (some more than others). For me, things have to be "just so". This extends into my backyard. The plants I nurtured and cultivated from infancy were off limits as far as touching was to go. (My "just so" tendencies have waned some with the addition of more children...since they can kinda wear you down). Pesters kiddos knew my "quirks" and tried their hardest to abide...yet sometimes being kids, it is ever so hard.

On this particular day, Mega was kinda "zoning in" on a particular set of flowers, and could not, (hard as she tried) "zone out" of them.

So she began to pick away at the flowers merrily, putting one behind the ear of all the children, smiling at me so I could see what a good deed she was doing. Secretly, my insides were kind of turning, (and I think she knew that), but how could I tell her to stop? She is so stinkin' cute! So, when she comes and puts one in my ear and her Momma's ear we say "Thank you" and give her a hug.

Then she decides the animals needed one. Ack! The buzzer is going OFF in my brain!

"Must take action!" it is saying. "Mega, that is enough, Auntie Scrappy wants to be able to look at her pretty flowers and if we pick them all, there won't be any left." I say to her ever-so sweetly. She looks at me, kind of cocks her head to the side and I will be honest, it was a little bit of a stare down. Between me and a 4 year old. She slowly moves her foot (without taking her eyes off me, to even look where her foot is going) towards the flowers. When she feels the softness underfoot, she realizes, she just hit GOLD. She plucks another one, b.e.t.w.e.e.n her toes! I tell you, this kid is brilliant!

Pester and I both start laughing so hard...then she realizes what she just did was she plucks another.

Now, Pester says "Mega, Auntie Scrappy loves her flowers, you MUST stop!"

At this point, she runs off towards the swingset and jumps on with the other kids. We are both rolling in laughter, when out of the corner of my eye....I see her staring me down again. I look at her and she sticks her tongue out and starts blowing raspberries at me! Literally, spit flying everywhere, she is doing it in style! Huh? I tell Pester what just happened and we now are seriously trying to not laugh out loud and encourage this, but she is hysterical.

Then...she does it AGAIN!!! Only this time Pester sees. She says "Mega! Don't you dare stick your tongue out at your Auntie Scrappy!"

To which she replies....,"What? I was just doing my tongue exercises!"

OMG....I just love Mega!

-Sister Scrappy
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1 comment:

  1. HA! I bet that's a story to share with future boyfriends. ;)


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