Friday, October 14, 2011

Ever tried to sell a house......with kids???

In 2005 we were packing and selling our house. As you all know, selling a house when you have small children can be quite the challenge. Keeping the juice cups out of the way and the toys off the floor and the beds made, or how about when a client wants to see the house during nap time? Awesome!

Usually we would flee the premises, but on this day, the client had to come during Super's nap, and anyone who knows Super knows, you don't mess with her nap. So, we were stuck. Mister was at work and me alone with the three (at the time) kids by myself during our little 'angel's' nap.

I stood outside so nobody would knock or ring the door bell. I see the silver mercedes pull into the drive, that must be them! Right away I saw it was a husband and wife with ONE child. And she was still a baby, dressed to the nines. Shoes and all. The wife was wearing heals, the husband a suit. Clearly on their lunch break from their high profile jobs. Oh Jeez, is my house even clean enough? I hope they don't see the dog gnaw marks on my couch and wonder if there are gnaw marks somewhere on the house itself.

I feel the stress mounting........

I let them walk around (ask them to just peek into Super's room) and take the other two littles into the backyard to give the realtor and her clients some privacy.

Eventually they make their way to the backyard. We had an awesome backyard, really the jewel of the house, tons of oak trees, huge rocks and a seasonal stream that flowed only when it rained. But we had landscaped all around it, even built a beautiful bridge to go over it. Meanwhile, Scooter is jumping off a rock in the backyard. Let me explain something, this rock is like 8 ft tall. Scooter is only like 6 years old. But if you know Scooter, you know that is NORMAL. They look at me like I have gone and lost my mind. I look right back and let them know, I let go of my mind long ago. Whatevs....(Insert eye roll here)

As they stood and were pointing at this and that (because it really was so beautiful) they asked about the stream.

Before I could even open my mouth, Scooter pipes up "Yeah, it floods! It's dangerous, if you have kids, keep them out of the backyard!" What?????? I am giving him, the I might kill you if you don't shut your mouth look, but does he stop? No! He looks at me and says "What? It's true, you wouldn't let US come out here."

It had recently rained for 3 days non-stop, it was the first time the water was ever actually flowing, the whole not letting them go out there was because I didn't want them to get wet! The day after it stopped raining, no more water...get it? Not a hazard, really just water flow. Dangerous?! I really might do some harm to him on this one.

Clients left and never returned. Lesson learned here. Deal with Super not taking a nap and never have Scooter around when you are trying to sell a house. And did I mention Super woke up when they went in her room? Yep. Like I said AWESOME !

-Sister Scrappy

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  1. Scrappy.... This made my day reading this blog post! I remember this fondly, thinking YOU GO SCOOTER!!!! Keep it up buddy. And also thinking how can I get the rest of the Scrappy clan involved. Didn't one of them tell a potential buyer the house was haunted? Bawahahaha. I swear to you I did not put them up to it. Luv U. ~Pester


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