Friday, October 28, 2011

Kids through the years.

Right now Scrappy Doo is on a trash throwing-away frenzy. He loves to do it. He finds random pieces of paper...or anything
he feels is trash...and puts it in the garbage. He will pick something up, look at me, say "trash?" If I say "yes" it is a green light! Go! And off he races to the trash can.

Sometimes, this can be annoying when finding a shoe in the trash...etc...but, he actually WANTS to help.

Now that I have teens in the house, I will relish in my little Scrappy's willingness to help...

Because I now understand the secret.

If you don't understand it yet.

Let me fill you in....

Age 2- "Can I throw this away Mommy?"

Age 5- "I don't know why there is a candy wrapper under my pillow"

Age 7- "Can I earn money for taking out the garbage?"

Age 10- "I didn't know the garbage can was full."

Age 13- Sees can is full when they go to put trash in, but just push it down.

Age 16- Well shoot, you can just insert an eye roll here.

Now...let's asess the clothes situation.

Age 2- "I want to wear my giraffe pj's...Nooooo not the blue ones! The giraffe ones!" So us Mom's are on a mission of daily laundry to keep the prized pj's clean...

Age 4- "I don't care that it is 40 degrees outside, I ONLY wear skirts Mommy! Pants bug my legs!" So us Mom's are in a constant tight-buying/washing frenzy.

Age 10- I don't know why there is no underwear in the dirty laundry....ummmm yeah.

Age 13- "Can you do some laundry? I haven't had clean socks in two weeks!" (Scooter actually said this to me....why I didn't know it two weeks prior will always be a mystery.

Age 16- "I don't know why all my clean laundry is on the floor MOM..." And let's just go right ahead and insert another eye roll here too.

Notice Scrappy is wearing "giraffe pj's" I am quietly giving myself a pat on the back here...

- Sister Scrappy

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