Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sister Scrappy's Epic First Post

Well, today began as a typical Monday. Only Screacher is not kicking her cold like everyone else in the house. I get the two oldest off to school, do some school with Super Scrappy (who is currently still homeschooling) and try to maintain the happiness of two Scrappy toddlers. When I quickly realize Screacher is going downhill. So I decide to call the doctor. One of the issues she is having (beside her ever increasing Screaching abilities) is a really bad diaper rash, which she does get when her acid reflux is out of control.

At this point, we have just enough time to eat and get there. So I change her diaper, put her in her highchair and give her lunch. Wolf down as much as possible, clean the food off of Screacher and get her dressed. TaDa! Man, I am awesome, I really pulled that we are off..and with time to spare...whoot..whoot!

We get in to the office, the Doc comes in and I begin to explain the symptoms...she gives Screacher the once over begins explaining, she has an ear infection, her asthma is acting up...yada yada...then I start to explain about the rash. She asks me to take off her clothes. So as I undress her, I realize she has bright orange streaks ALL OVER her.

Turn back the clock about 5 hrs. I was in the shower when Scrappy Doo and Screacher got into highlighters. I saw the marks on her, but they were barely visible. Now, here in the doctor's office, under the flourescent lighting...they were bright! Now I understand where the name came from...."highlighter"...Ummmmm...yeah.

I try and explain, but what is the point. I take off her diaper when hot dog bits rolled out ALL OVER the table. OMG!!!! I changed her diaper, I cleaned her up, I did everything right! I guess the morale of the story is, change them after they eat???? I am sorry doctor, I don't know why my child has a diaper rash, snot in her hair ( she wiped her nose and then proceeded to play with her hair in her carseat on the way there) and highlighter...ALL OVER her...I promise she IS supervised and in a loving home. Well, what would YOU say???

1 comment:

  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry to laugh at your expense but seriously, that could be a moment on a sitcom. Here's hoping you got some anibiotics out of the doctor's visit at least. :)


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