Friday, October 21, 2011

Candy Coma, Crap Costumes, and Crazies everywhere Holiday

That's right peeps... that special time of year is almost here! I can see it everywhere. Literally. It is like a twisted form of Christmas that has vomited EVERYWHERE and seems to be transforming our neighborhood and the stores.

Every year we get sucked in...
We buy candy, LOTS of candy. We dress up, yup pretty much all of us. One year we were a farm family. I was a cow (with udders on the front) Mister was a farmer, Mega was a sheep dog, and Sasso was a lil piggy! Every time I turned around Mega was literally trying to suck on one of my utters! NO JOKE! She was about 4.5 at the time. Back then we bought costumes, crap costumes, and they would always fall apart! So frustrating when your kiddos are obsessive and they want to wear them 24x7. And how about those Crazies?! Holy heck it can be a fun little people watching exercise, now can't it?

One year we went trick-or-treating in an old down town that had shut off the street. All the businesses participated and were shut down for the evening and passing out candy. We saw just up ahead that there was a CREEPY man pretending to be a character out of the living dead jump out at people as they walked passed the ally. I think "Oh, he won't jump at my kids".... As we approach, he goes to jump out and instead Miss Sasso (she was 6 at the time) came charging at him (she was a black panther) and growled, scratched and did a great cat scream. He pretended to fall backwards and faint. SHE LAUGHED SO HARD!

This year I SWORE, I would not buy candy before Halloween. It is not a good thing to have a couple 3 lb bags hanging around in the this house. NONE of us have any will power. It is an ugly scene of carnage. Wrappers hidden and not hidden throughout the house. The dwindling bag of the picked over candy growing smaller and smaller, much to our disgust in ourselves and the dismaying thought, "CRAP, now I have to go and buy MORE candy, or those little trick-or-treaters might decide to trick us and paper our house or something!"

For the past month, my kids have been begging for a new costume . Normally, we say No, and just grab out of the costume bin. (Yes, we have 5 kids and we are lucky enough to get 'handy downs' as Sasso likes to call them). For the past 3 years Sasso has in fact been some sort of Cowgirl, riding a horse. She is infatuated with horses and being a real in life Cowgirl, I guess she is projecting. :-)

The other girls have picked through our bins and chosen various forms of princesses or fairy tale heros.

Let's take a little strolloorsky through memory lane if you will.

Here is the carnage from previous Halloweens....

Best shot I could get of all 4! LOL. (Queenie had pnuemonia and was barely able to smile and didn't get to trick-or-treat that year, but her sissies got her a bag full of candy. Mega a dead prom queen, Sasso Cowgirl of course, Queenie sleeping beauty, Pint tinker of course.

Sasso... yes horsie theme.
ahhh look at little Pint. She was tinker bell with pink spray on her hair.

Mega was a Renasaince Princess on Roller Blades. Sasso Cowgirl! Queenie Snow white with pink spray hair, and Pint.... tinker belle again! With hot pink hair!! Bawhahahah. We got to only trick or treat a bit, cause Momma was newly pregnant with Bubba and I was enjoying the 24 hour pukefest.
ahhh much better shot this year! They are such a crack up!
Sasso LOVED her costume that year!

This year Miss Sassofrass was in the hospital due to her Cystic Fibrosis. She had a PICC line in her arm and got a 2 hour pass to go across the street to trick-or-treat with her sissies. She had to wear a mask for her protection.... Look at the theme here. Mega prom queen again. Sasso another Cow girl! Queenie another fairy tell princess, (I think this was belle), and pint... she is wearing the same sleeping beauty costume that Queenie was wearing just 2 years before! HA!
Nothing more fun the hospital elevator to go downstairs and break outta that joint!
And Miss Sasso after her sissies went home, happy with her trick or treat adventure!

This year, she chose not to be a Cowgirl. GASP!!! How can that be?
She decided she wanted to be an Angel and wanted to walk The PEST (her pup, the lunatic Alaskan Malamute, um yeah that isn't happening girl.... SORRY), and have him be the devil.
However, when we got to the store, and we wandered into the Costume isle, I spied with my pretty little eyes....

This is NOT Sasso by the way, but is her costume.

I proceeded to BEG my child to get that costume, instead of the angel one! I then told her that we could have THE BOSS (our great dane), wear a saddle and he could be her horse!


She took it hook, line and sinker.

Score 1 for crazy Momma Pester (who really shouldn't care, but apparently cared a bunch) = Score 4 for Miss Sasso who yet again is a Cowgirl on Halloween.

..... wait a minute.... did I get played?

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