Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lei Lou?

We have a LOT of children, and lost our minds LONG ago... 
We cannot be held responsible for poor taste in jokes, what we find funny or for the tidiness of our homes.  We mean to offend no one person and apologize in advance if you take offense to anything we say or for simply being offended just by looking at us. or by hearing the sound of our snorts as we laugh so hard we pee our pants...
You take your own risk by either knowing us or by reading (stalking) us on this blog... 
You have been fully due warned!


ohhhh so glad to hear you....

ohhhh do you have vag eye nah pain?

ohhhh yes I do.

giggle giggle.... snicker snicker.

This has been our tradition for the past 9 years. When we are feeling silly, one of us will inevitable switch to our horrible oriental impression and banter back in forth.... all because of one day when we were bored and read... yes read... the phone book.

Way back in 2002 we were both living in the Valley of Northern California and it was a typical HOT valley summer day.  We only had 5 kiddos combined back then and they were busy running amuck in the kiddie pool and sprinklers.

I flipped to the front pages of the yellow pages looking for 'something' when I came across the page for acupuncture..... If only we had realized how amazing that add was. How many countless hours of entertainment a poorly written, unedited advertisement for local asian acupuncturist.   If I had only known, I would have certainly ripped that add out and framed it.  Instead we enjoyed it in the moment and then moved on, reflecting upon it for years even a full decade later.

The add read something like this...

Do you have pain?

Neck pain
Back pain
Leg pain
Pen*s Pain
Vag*na Pain
etc... etc...

We can help you!
Call 1-800-Accu-puncture

Not really believing what I had just read, and literally laughing out loud. Sister Scrappy asked what I was laughing about...

So in my best oriental imitation I read the add out-loud....

Do you have headaches?
Do you have backpain?
Do you have neckpain?
Do you have legpain?
Do you have Vag eye nah pain?

And at this point, we were both rolling with laughter....

That is how Lei Lou and Lei Lynn were born.

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